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Passionate about feeling healthy and living to the fullest without compensating on the fun factor, Buffi approaches life full steam ahead. Her dedication to her clients and her health is contagious and relentless. This ACE certified Personal Trainer and FlyBarre Instructor is serious about her clients setting realistic goals to get to where they need to be. Having lost her passion for fashion after 12 years in the industry, Buffi decided to turn her university dream of being a fitness trainer into a reality in 2012. Outside of the gym and FlyBarre studio (where she kicks some serious ‘Barre Butt’) Buffi keeps up the energy enjoying the challenge of acrobatics, acro-yoga, pole-dancing and aerial hoops. A health-food junky, this pole-dancing fitness ‘buff’ is constantly recreating “healthy” versions of delicious and indulgent meals. She loves coming up with easy and healthy recipes bursting with flavor and that can be prepared in minimal time. Cooking for her family or for a big group of friends is a pleasure, so keep eye out for her Dinner Party Recipes in the RYE kitchen. There is no such thing as “I can’t cook!” and the RYE kitchen will inspire you to get creative! “Never sacrifice who you are to get to where you want. Be the best person you can be without changing the essence of what makes you unique and special.”

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