Fresh Pesto Recipe

by Sophie Middleton

June 4, 2017

There’s so much that’s happened since I posted my last RYEcipe! I now have my own beautiful kitchen (yipee!) and my eating habits have had to take a monumental shift due to a lot of health problems I was having. In the last couple of months I’ve experienced consistent problems with my digestive system, headaches and terrible anxiety and depression which you can read all about over here on my blog. I started to notice that my stomach and head problems immediately came knocking on my door after eating and drinking certain foods – the rest was less straightforward though. In mid-May, I decided to start cutting out certain foods to see if any of these problems went away – and surprisingly (but also not so surprisingly) they have. I’m still making note of which foods disagree with me but so far I’ve found that gluten, wheat, refined sugar (especially in cocktails and fruit juices) and alcohol (spirits extremely) really don’t agree with me. First and foremost with the return of my RYEcipes, I’m embracing REAL food; non-processed, using the best of seasonal ingredients that still taste DELICIOUS.

Something I do still treat myself to from time to time is gluten, egg and wheat free pasta. I have a variety of favourite toppings I like to mix into it, but usually, it’s a jar of tomato sauce or jarred pesto. I also have an undying love for pesto with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes (Pizza Express may have something to do with this!) and so I’ve decided to give you my newly-created home-made pesto recipe served with mozzarella and fresh tomato. You can use this pesto on your pasta with lemon and pine nuts, on top of chicken cooked in coconut oil, with some tuna, on top of roasted vegetables – it’s time to get creative guys and DITCH the jar! These mini Caprese salads are great for having people round or just sharing with a special someone in the sun!

Even though this pesto recipe is fresh and home-made, olive oil and pine nuts are high in fat so I’ve tried to cut down on the amount of cheese, olive oil and pine nuts in this. It’s got a strong taste, especially with just a little bit of parmesan cheese so you don’t need to go to town with spreading it on food, a small dollop will do just fine!

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Download your printable for this Fresh Pesto Recipe here!

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Pesto Recipe Graphic


Quick Look
Servings - 8
40 - Calories
Time : 30 minutes

You will need:

  • 40g of toasted pine nuts
  • 80g of fresh basil (taken off a small plant)
  • 30g of fresh parmesan
  • 120ml of olive oil
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves
  • buffalo mozzarella (one ball)
  • 4 ripe tomatoes
  1. Toast the pine nuts until golden brown, be careful not to burn.
  2. Grate the cheese whilst the pine nuts are cooling.
  3. Place all the ingredients into a food processor and whizz for 2 minutes, scrape the edges in between.
  4. Cut the tomatoes up into thin slices and lay on a plate, do the same with the mozzarella and place on tomatoes.
  5. Add a small dollop of pesto on each mozzarella and tomato duo and add any seasoning or extra olive oil!

Sophie Middleton


Sophie Middleton

Sophie Middleton is the Founding Editor-In-Chief of Digital Hotel and Restaurant Magazine The Fabulous Foodie. Sophie develops and creates recipe-based content for the RYE Kitchen where you can find lots of fun, easy, healthy RYEcipes to choose from. She loves authentic cooking based on good quality ingredients, flavour and taste.
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